This Beach Has The Whitest Sand In Mississippi

Experience Biloxi Beach's pristine white sands, rivaling Florida's top spots, along Mississippi's Gulf coast.

Biloxi, with its 50,000 residents, boasts picturesque beaches and calm waters ideal for year-round visits.

Learn why Biloxi's sands are so white—a result of meticulous beach management and historic seawall projects.

Despite Hurricane Katrina's impact, Biloxi Beach remains a resilient haven, continuously restored to its former glory.

Enjoy family-friendly activities like fishing charters, paddleboarding, and sunbathing on Biloxi's inviting shores.

Visit the iconic Biloxi Lighthouse, a historic beacon erected in 1848, offering stunning views and a touch of history.

Access Biloxi Beach via Beach Boulevard (U.S. Highway 90) with multiple convenient entry points and ample parking.