These are the 9 great house pets that aren t cats or dogs


To build a happy hamster home, provide a water bottle, food dish, and wheel hamsters love to exercise! These creatures get pelleted meal and dark leafy greens every other day.

Betta Fish

Freshwater fish like Bettas are simpler to care for than saltwater fish. Male Betta fish should be housed separately in one gallon of water with ample room at the top for breathing due to their territorial tendency.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are gregarious and enjoy regular engagement. Because of this, they get along with other Guinea pigs. You won't need to groom these tiny ones. Cleanliness is their thing, thus they seldom bathe.


Since Chinchillas have hypoallergenic coats, they may be helpful for allergy sufferers. A chinchilla needs a well-ventilated cage, bedding, hiding boxes, toys, food, and water.


These may be fed a few times a week in a terrarium, eliminating the need for regular feedings. Providing a pleasant aquatic environment with good temperature and cleanliness is the key to their success.


However, as long as you keep them in a large tank, keep the tank at a reasonable temperature, and give them their favorite food usually mice, rats, or eggs

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Geckos are good pets for beginners. These geckos live in 15- to 20-gallon aquariums that seldom need cleaning. Instead, disinfect the tank twice a month and spot clean everyday for feces.


There are also sociable birds that want to spend around with the family. To design a happy bird cage, make sure it fits your bird. Choose a cage with close-spaced bars that are twice your bird's

Hermit Crab

Of course, their environment should have 3-5 empty shells to fit into. Their meals and clean-up are easier since they are little. Pellets are their major diet.