The 9 Best Restaurants in Bologna, Italy

Tradition, transparency, and innovation are all on the menu at Sfoglia Rina, a longstanding family restaurant near Bologna's famous Two Towers (Due Torri).

Sfoglia Rina

Or maybe it is the atmosphere that keeps people coming back to Trattoria da Vito, a legendary gathering place of Bologna's artists and intelligentsia.

Trattoria da Vito

Bar Senza Nome the "Bar With No Name" is so much more than just a bar. In politically and socially engaged Bologna, it's a focal point for its young, diverse patrons, and a successful community project.

Bar Senza Nome

There are markets, cooking classes, a vast wine store, in-house factories producing food, and farm animals, most of which are destined for a dinner plate. Welcome to FICO Eataly World, the self-described food theme park of the Italian foodstuffs empire.

FICO Eataly World

Tortellini in brodo is practically a sacrosanct topic in Bologna. Recipes are handed down from nonnas and zias, and, from fresh pasta, to meat and cheese filling, to slow-cooked broth, the preparation

Trattoria Anna Maria

Along with tortellini in brodo, the second pillar of the classic primi piatti (first courses) of Bologna, lasagne alla bolognese is made with a slow-cooked ragu (tomato meat sauce), layers of handmade pasta, bechamel sauce, and Parmesan cheese.

Osteria Va Mo La'

With tables spilling out under Bologna's medieval porticos, and an interior that retains the location's roots as a former pharmacy, complete with the original fixtures, Drogheria della Rosa is a sentimental favorite for best atmosphere in Bologna.

Drogheria della Rosa

Dining here is a costly affair (50 euro fish soup, anyone?), but it's sure to be a memorable event. For the most varied experience, we recommend going with a tasting menu of 5 or 7 courses.

Michelin Dining: Ristorante I Portici

Ranzani 13 calls its pizzas "small round works of art" and we tend to agree. "Secret" ingredients include wholegrain dough that's lofty, yet light and easy to digest, seasonal toppings, and a mix of traditional and innovative pizzas

Best Pizza: Ranzani 13