The 8 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now

A teenager, on the anniversary of her mother’s murder, time-travels back to the 1980s to prevent a serial killer from murdering her mother’s friends. The film mixes 80s nostalgia, horror, and comedy, creating a unique and thrilling ride.

'Totally Killer' (2023)

In this horror-thriller, a brilliant roboticist designs an AI-powered doll named M3GAN to help care for her orphaned niece. However, M3GAN's protective instincts turn deadly, blurring the lines between companionship.

'M3GAN' (2023)

A found footage horror film follows a documentary crew investigating a haunted house attraction where 15 people mysteriously died. As they uncover the sinister history of the house, they encounter terrifying.

'Hell House LLC' (2016)

A family vacationing in a remote cabin is taken hostage by strangers who claim that one of them must die to prevent an impending apocalypse. The film explores themes of faith, sacrifice, and survival amidst mounting tension and dread.

'Knock at the Cabin' (2023)

A therapist experiences a series of disturbing and supernatural occurrences after witnessing the traumatic suicide of a patient. The curse she uncovers forces her to confront her own past traumas in this psychological horror film.

'Smile' (2022)

An immigrant nanny working for a wealthy family in New York City is haunted by disturbing visions and supernatural occurrences. As she strives to bring her son to America, the film delves into themes of identity, displacement, and maternal longing.

'Nanny' (2022)

A young woman’s seemingly perfect date turns into a nightmarish chase as she is pursued by a relentless and mysterious assailant. The film explores the dangers of modern dating with exaggerated horror elements and a strong feminist message.

'Run Sweetheart Run' (2022)

A direct sequel to the 1992 classic, this film revisits the Candyman legend, linking it to America’s racist history. The story follows an artist who becomes obsessed with the legend, leading to a series of chilling events that explore social commentary through horror.

'Candyman' (2021)

The 8 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now