The 8 Best Movies of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

Between the Temples

Nathan Silver’s indie challenges age norms with a cheeky charm, celebrating unconventional relationships and star-studded casts.

Black Box Diaries

Shiori Ito’s documentary delves into systemic injustices through a personal lens, offering a poignant.


In a prison fatherhood course, men redefine parenthood in a compelling documentary by Natalie Rae and Angela Patton.

A Different Man

Aaron Schimberg’s satire explores identity through facial transformation, blending oddball humor with poignant insights.


Chris Smith's documentary on Devo is a surreal pop history joyride, capturing the band's cultural impact and artistic evolution.

Exhibiting Forgiveness

Titus Kaphar’s drama navigates family reconciliation with raw emotion and artistic depth, starring André Holland and John Earl Jelks.

Girls Will Be Girls

Shuchi Talati’s debut unravels teenage desires against a strict Indian school backdrop, blending grace and cultural introspection.


Rich Peppiatt's energetic film traces the raucous rise of Irish rap trio Kneecap, blending politics with riotous entertainment.

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