9 Trending Long Hairstyles for Men, Certified by Barbers

The Loose Bun

A loose bun is a lifesaver for men who have been wearing their hair long for a while. When you have no energy or mood to style.

Shoulder-Length Long Hairstyle

As for classic shoulder-length hairdos men, they are the best long hairstyles that are easy to style and easy to wear.

Long and Natural

Natural curly hair is one of those hair types that needs being styled only once after shampooing your hair. Remember to work hair.

Very Long Hair for Men

Very long hair is a rather rare blessing for men – some guys can’t grow their locks even half as long as this, others aren’t ready to deal.

Long and Straight

They say, long straight hair men always look young. At least, younger than they actually are. Among other benefits are the gloss.

Wavy Braided ‘Do

As we’ve mentioned before, braided long hairstyles for men allow for numerous styling options. Cornrows are one of those able.

Long Curly Faux Hawk

What to do with long hair if you’re constantly balancing between the desire to grow a long full mane and to get a skin fade with shaved.

Men’s Long Hair with Shaved Sides

lengths and brutality to your good old undercut – the contrast between the classic short sides and the long top section looks.

Slicked Back

This slicked-back hair long cut is not like those average beaten greasy hairstyles for men. This sleek back is styled.

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