9 Irish Cream Drinks to Make at Home

Irish Cream and Coffee

This drink only requires two ingredients: boiled coffee and Irish cream. It doesn't get much simpler than that. It's ideal for the morning of a big occasion, or for after dinner.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate with Baileys raises the bar on your go-to comfort beverage for the winter. Chocolate syrup and whipped cream are not to be overlooked!

Irish Cream and Whiskey Cocktail

Add a splash of Irish whiskey to your cup o' Irish cream for an added boost. These taste very harmless, but they have a powerful punch, so use caution when using them.

White Russian Cocktail

This recipe description reads, "The Big Lebowski was onto something with this creamy coffee-flavored cocktail." "A healthy dose of vodka in the mix assures that 'the dude abides.'"

Pumpkin Spice Martini

Put your beloved fall coffee beverage out of your mind. You can enjoy this creamy martini throughout the fall season. To add a hint of seasonal flavor, sprinkle some nutmeg on top.

White Chocolate Chai with Baileys

Reviewer Yoly said, "I never would have thought adding black pepper to a drink would make it so good." "We thought this was great and wouldn't alter a thing. It's flawless exactly as written!"

Milk Moose Punch

This Canadian holiday punch, made with eggnog and Irish cream liqueur, is about as merry as it gets. Although this dish feeds a large group, it's simple to divide for smaller events.

Comfort In a Cup

What's the key component of this cozy beverage for winter? A bag with your preferred hot chocolate mix! If you want to indulge right before bed, use decaf coffee.

Snickers Martini

This playful martini, which takes its cues from the traditional candy bar, is infused with four distinct liqueurs to add even more nutty flavor: hazelnut, amaretto, coffee, and Irish cream.