9 Easy Cocktails for Your July Cookout

Blackberry Chipotle Michelada

Fresh blackberries star in this unique Michelada, complemented by smoky chipotle hot sauce and zesty lime juice.

Red Sangria

A crowd-pleasing punch made with red wines like Malbec and Grenache, offering ripe cherry flavors and a hint of tannin.


A classic highball featuring low alcohol content but rich flavors, perfect for Negroni and spritz enthusiasts. Try it with Select aperitif for an herbal twist.

Limoncello Sorbet Float

Combines the essence of a French 75 with tangy limoncello, doubling as a refreshing dessert cocktail. Adjust sweetness with more lemon juice or limoncello.


A simple beer cocktail using Campari, ideal for any time of year and easy to prepare directly in the bottle.

Agua de Jamaica

A refreshing Mexican hibiscus agua fresca, great on its own or with added mezcal or tequila for extra kick.

Rosé Sangria with Mixed-Berry Ice Ring

Featuring rosé wine and a decorative berry ice ring, perfect for festive occasions.

Kind of Blue

A vibrant cocktail for summer, incorporating Cappelletti, fino sherry, and blueberry syrup for a unique flavor profile.

Aperol Fizz

A refreshing twist on the Aperol Spritz, topped with a fizzy layer and enriched with navy strength gin and dry vermouth for added structure.

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