8 Of The Best 80s Hairstyles From The A-list Archives

The Half Up

The half ponytail was a hit in the '80s and is back in the 2020s. Sarah Jessica Parker rocked it before Carrie Bradshaw. Use gel for hold, mousse for volume, or a thin wand for curls.

The Backcombed Ponytail

Backcombing was huge in the '80s. Pop icon Madonna often rocked this style, especially with accessorized ponytails, making it a staple look of the decade.

The Voluminous Curls

Whitney Houston s voluminous curls are unforgettable. Her iconic look in the "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" video showcases perfect '80s curly hair.

The Diana

The Princess Diana haircut, with feathery layers and lots of volume, is a timeless '80s style. This look was always blow-dried to perfection.

The Side Swept Curls

Big, voluminous curls swept to one side were a key '80s look. Janet Jackson's hair epitomized this style. Use a thin curling wand for similar curls.

The Big Blow Dry

Big, bouncy blow dries were all the rage. Brooke Shields voluminous blow dry is a great example of this old Hollywood-inspired '80s style.

The Shaggy Mullet

Tina Turner s iconic big, layered mullet was synonymous with her. This '80s hairstyle remains a memorable and bold look.

The Soft Shag Haircut

Goldie Hawn popularized the shag haircut with curtain bangs. The '80s version was softer and more rounded but still made a bold statement.

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