8 Herb Garden Ideas to Try This Summer

Parsley, a popular herb, boasts a slightly bitter, grassy flavor. Rich in vitamins C, A, and K, it's a nutritious addition to any herb garden. Easy to grow and replenish with regular harvesting.


Basil is a summer favorite with a distinctive flavor and scent. Widely used in various cuisines, particularly Italian, it adds a fragrant touch when used fresh.


Mint, a hardy summer herb, offers a fruity, aromatic taste. Best grown in partial shade with adequate watering, it thrives when harvested young. 


Dill's feathery leaves and caraway-like flavor make it ideal for summer dishes. Grows well from seeds, prefers sun and well-draining soil. Harvest older leaves first for the best taste.


Rosemary, with its piney scent, enhances both recipes and perfumes. Best from young stems, it thrives in long cooking times. Bring potted plants indoors during winter in cold climates.


Oregano, a perennial herb, adds a bold, spicy flavor to Italian and Mexican dishes. Prefers full to partial sunlight and dry conditions, making a terracotta pot ideal for growth.


Thyme, a versatile and hardy herb, enriches various dishes. Needs 6-8 hours of sunlight daily and regular trimming. Its pink flowers attract bees, aiding pollination.


Chives, with a mild onion flavor, are perfect for summer dishes. Their purple flowers attract pollinators and repel pests. Plant in pots and remove flowers to prevent spreading.