8 Easy Ideas For Landscaping With Shrubs

Bursting Heart Burning Bush

This shrub, also known as strawberry bush, reaches up to 6 feet tall, blooms yellow-green flowers, and has seed pods with red seeds; its green foliage turns bright red in the fall.


Forsythia shrubs thrive in full sun and bring early spring color with their vibrant blooms, a refreshing sight after winter's gloom.

Knockout Roses

Low-maintenance and disease-resistant, these roses bloom all season in various colors, from light pink to coral and bright red, and are self-cleaning, eliminating the need for deadheading.


Lilacs are easy-care spring bloomers with a sweet fragrance, available in different colors like light or dark purple, red-violet, and white, with options for single or double blooms.

Black Chokeberry

Growing up to 6 feet, black chokeberry features white flowers and green foliage that turns orange-purple in autumn.

Compacta Burning Bush

This deciduous shrub grows 8-10 feet tall, blooms red flowers, and has green foliage that turns crimson red in the fall, giving it the name "burning bush."

Common Witch Hazel

Witch hazel grows 8-12 feet tall, with yellow blooms and green foliage that becomes golden yellow in autumn.

Redleaf Japanese Barberry

A smaller shrub with striking red foliage that turns purple-red in autumn, blooming small yellow flowers in April.