8 Aromatic Indoor Plants to Bring the Garden Indoors

Angel's Trumpet

With huge, spectacular blooms and a strong nighttime scent, angel's trumpet thrives outdoors in Zones 8-10 or indoors in cooler regions. Be cautious as all parts are extremely poisonous.

Arabian Jasmine

Blooming all year with starry white flowers, Arabian jasmine emits a soft, flowery scent. This shrubby vine can be trained on a trellis or grown as an arching mound.


Orange, lemon, and other citrus plants can thrive indoors with enough light, providing sweetly scented flowers and potentially homegrown fruits. Purchase grafted varieties for best results.

Corsage Orchid

Known for their showy flowers, corsage orchids like bright light and high humidity. Regular watering and fertilizing are essential, especially in spring and summer.

Cuban Oregano

This easy-to-grow plant has a distinct spicy aroma and fuzzy green leaves. It’s perfect for cooking or simply enjoying its scent. Propagate easily from cuttings.


Fast-growing eucalyptus makes a lovely indoor tree with blue-gray, aromatic foliage. Prune regularly to maintain its shape and encourage bushiness.


Renowned for its fragrant white flowers, gardenia is a lovely but tricky houseplant needing bright light, high humidity, and acidic soil to thrive.


Also known as wax plant, hoya is a no-fuss houseplant with sweetly scented flowers and thick, glossy leaves. Give it plenty of light to encourage blooming.