7 Ways to Reduce Airport Anxiety

Sometimes we get apprehensive for no cause. All bets are off at airports. There are many things that can stress even the calmest person.

Acknowledge That Your Feelings Are Valid 

Airport events are beyond our control. We sometimes face long lines and technological issues.

Give Yourself Extra Time

Some new baggage has built-in scales, but a luggage scale costs under $20. Keep your baggage within the airline's limit to avoid serious check-in issues.

Prep Your Luggage 

Granahan says being anchored in your body can help us feel in control. Wear comfy clothes and shoes to avoid fidgeting and sweating.

Dress Appropriately

Take calm, deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth either in line or at the gate. 

Try Deep Breathing

Keeping calm requires mental stimulation. Find a podcast or audiobook you enjoy, like true crime or an interview with a fascinating person. 

Distract Yourself

To get emotional support, Rinaldi offers talking to your travel partner about your worries. 

Talk About It