7 Varieties of Begonias for Gardens and Containers

'Bedding' Begonia

This plant falls into the category of wax begonias that have fibrous roots. This begonia is suited to use as the focal point for flowering containers because it is relatively short but spreads out nicely (as much as 18 to 24 inches).

'Dusty Rose'

This is a beautiful tuberous begonia hybrid developed as a trademarked variety. It has frilly rose-colored flowers that bloom at the end of stems from mid spring to mid fall.

'Richmond' Begonia

The underside of the leaves has a reddish tone which gives them special appeal in hanging baskets. This variety, a fibrous-rooted type, needs some light sun to grow properly.

'Mocca Yellow'

The trademarked Nonstop series from Proven Winners is the preferred tuberous begonia for regions with hot summers. Most tuberous begonias like moderation in all things, including light, water, and fertilizer.

Nonstop Rose

This is another offering from the trademarked Nonstop series of tuberous begonias. 'Nonstop Rose' comes in several shades, including 'Rose Petticoat', 'Rose Pink', and 'Deep Rose'.

Series Begonias

The thick, fleshy leaves of fibrous-rooted wax begonias make them a good choice for beginning gardeners, as the plants have good tolerance of both drought and pests.

Cocktail Series

Dark-leafed begonias can take the sun s heat better than green-leafed varieties. They can be planted in partial or full sun locations. This tidy bedding plant, categorized as a fibrous-rooted wax begonia,