7 Tips for Growing a Low Maintenance Rose Garden

Soon I realized that roses were much more than weak hybrid teas, and I could pick robust, strong, disease-resistant, and tough-as-nails roses to fill those gaps.

Replace Lousy Roses with Carefree Roses

Finding roses that thrive in your location is crucial to a low-maintenance rose garden. However, this process will need many trial and error.

Be Willing to Experiment

Rose planting requires a willingness to try new things and make errors.

Be Willing to Make Mistakes

When you get to know your roses, you notice minor things like how they respond to fungicide, whether they need it, and how they display illness.

Get to Know Your Roses to Better Care for Them

Since they're still popular after all these years, there's certainly a reason. Roses that are hard to cultivate won't sell. Okay, maybe some rosarians will.

Choose Rose Varieties That Have Stood the Test of Time

The best approach to locate local rose varietals that thrive in your climate? Visit rose gardens during blackspot, rust, and powdery mildew-prone seasons.

Find Local Low Maintenance Roses in Your Area

Why are we here if we can't have fun? We cultivate roses for their extravagant, vivid blossoms and divine smells.

Have Fun