7 Grilled Side Dishes To Serve At Your Next Cookout

Grilled Corn Ribs

If you're seeking a novel way to enjoy fresh summer corn, try slicing corn cobs into quarters to create "ribs." These grill up quickly and are fun for the whole family to eat.

Grilled Asparagus

A brief grilling session enhances the tenderness of fresh asparagus while imparting a distinctive smoky flavor that sets it apart from other cooking methods.

Corn Salad With Sumac 

Starting with charred corn cobs, this salad combines grilled kernels with red onion, tangy sumac, parsley, pistachios, mint, and feta, resulting in a zesty summer side dish.

Grilled Potatoes

Enhanced with garlic and Greek seasoning, these grilled potatoes are elevated to new flavor heights. Experiment with other seasonings like Cajun blends or za’atar for variety.

Okra-and-Pepper Skewers

Grilling whole okra pods reduces their sliminess, making these kebabs a delightful way to convert okra skeptics. They're served with a tangy Dijon dipping sauce.

Grilled Corn Salad

Featuring a medley of summer vegetables including zucchini and bell peppers, this vibrant corn salad is customizable based on market finds or garden harvests.

Grilled Baby Eggplants

Small, sweet baby eggplants are showcased in this dish, grilled and topped with a colorful tomato-corn relish that enhances their natural flavors.