7 Companion Plants for Hydrangeas That Will Help Them Thrive

This low-maintenance flowering plant is a popular perennial that adds a pop of color to any flower bed or garden. Daylilies grow quickly and come back year after year, just like hydrangeas.


Hostas and hydrangeas are a classic combination. Lush, shade-loving hostas thrive incredibly well around the base of hydrangeas, and they both like part-shade conditions.


These long-blooming flowers will brighten up any garden. Begonias come in many different colors and love a shady spot, making them the perfect companion for hydrangeas.


The fern family is large and diverse, but they all have one thing in common: like hydrangeas, they prefer a shady location. Their lacy leaf structure contrasts beautifully with the coarse foliage of hydrangeas.


These bell-shaped, shade-tolerant flowers are an elegant addition to any garden, and bloom in an array of different colors. Foxgloves enjoy the same growing conditions as hydrangeas.


Ornamental grasses like blue fescue are great for filling in space in your garden beds, and make a great pairing with hydrangeas. These grass-like plants grow well in full sun or partial shade.

Blue Fescue

This hardy perennial plant produces magnificent violet-blue flowers year after year. Purple cranesbill is easy to care for and, like hydrangeas, will put on a vibrant show all summer long.

Purple Cranesbill