7 Best Low-Maintenance Outdoor Hanging Plants for Your Home


Petunias are great for outdoor hanging baskets, although certain kinds need pruning and deadheading of their large blossoms.


The leaf unfurling detail is captivating "Johnson.  It cut back in late fall and then keep them by a basement window to regenerate for the following season."


Verbena and its 250+ kinds are lovely hanging plants with stress-relieving essential oils. These butterflies-attracting plants need 8 10 hours of light and well-draining soil.

Blue Bacopa

Because bacopa requires constant moisture, it grows best in pots outside. Hang bacopa in heavy afternoon shadow for maximum growth.

Moss Rose

The succulent leaves of this drought-tolerant, sun-loving shrub can withstand the heat. Like moss rose purslane, Mexican rose, and rock rose, it pours over outdoor hanging baskets

Ivy Geranium

It thrives in hot, sunny conditions. They resist summer flies, making the low-maintenance blossoms popular in European window boxes.

Spider Plant

Not only can nurture this yellow-and-green houseplant inside, but can hang it outside. It likes strong sunshine, however avoid afternoon sun in warmer climes to prevent sunburn.