7 Beautiful Brunette Hair Color Ideas For Summer

Ombré Highlights

Ideal for brunettes, ombré highlights like Chrissy Teigen's caramel and honey tones mimic natural, sun-kissed hair. It's a timeless choice that enhances brunette hues without going too blonde.


Miley Cyrus rocks a playful two-tone look with both brunette and blonde tones. This style, also known as Gemini or marble hair, offers versatility and a modern twist for those looking to experiment.

Red Tones

Zendaya's mahogany highlights add warmth and vibrancy to brunette hair, perfect for summer. These tones complement warmer climates and fade gracefully, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Ribbon Lights

Ciara showcases ribbon lights, a subtle alternative to traditional balayage. These highlights, ranging from warm auburn to honey blonde, add depth and dimension to brunette hair.

Mushroom Brown

Gigi Hadid opts for a cool-toned mushroom brown, ideal for brunettes preferring cooler undertones. This shade is achieved using products like Redken Shades EQ to combat unwanted red.

Chunky Highlights

Jennifer Lopez embraces '90s nostalgia with chunky highlights that add bold contrast and style. These highlights can be softened with foilyage pieces for a blended, modern effect that stands out.


Inanna Sarkis rocks an auburn shade that offers a subtle transition into red tones for brunettes. It's a warm update that doesn't require full commitment to a vibrant red, perfect for medium.

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