10 Stunning Shrubs to Transform Your Yard


Abelias (USDA zones 4-11) form fragrant hedgerows with pink, yellow, purple, or white flowers, thriving in full sun with regular watering and occasional pruning.


Boxwoods (USDA zones 5-9) are ideal for borders, growing up to 20 feet with evergreen foliage perfect for shaping or privacy screens. They thrive in well-drained soil and partial sun.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes (USDA zones 5-8) bloom from summer to fall, attracting butterflies with deep purple flowers. Manage growth to prevent invasiveness, deadheading blooms regularly.


Forsythias (USDA zones 3-9) bloom early spring with bright yellow flowers, needing minimal care and pruning after flowering for best results.


Hydrangeas (USDA zones 3-9) offer colorful blooms in pink and white, thriving in morning sun and afternoon shade with well-drained soil and moderate watering.


Lilacs (USDA zones 2-7) grow tall with fragrant purple flowers in sunny spots, preferring well-drained soil and full sun for optimal blooming.

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon (USDA zones 5-9) thrives in full sun, tolerating poor soil and dry conditions with big, colorful blooms needing deep, infrequent watering.


Spireas (USDA zones 3-9) are compact and deer-resistant, offering blooms from white to pink, thriving in full sun and attracting pollinators.


Viburnums (USDA zones 3-8) thrive in sun to partial shade, producing fragrant clusters of pink or white flowers and requiring minimal watering.


Weigelas (USDA zones 4-8) bloom with vibrant pink flowers in spring, reblooming in summer, and prefer full sun with well-drained soil. Prune dead branches in early spring.

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